Hash 3.0 – A Potato Update

Hash 3.0 – A Potato Update
  • December 7th, 2015
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We updated our potatoes not too long ago with something a bit chunkier than our first long-term version. The cubed version was great, tasty and gave the hash a much-needed boost in ‘potato’ flavor. What we gave up was all those tiny crunchy bits for larger crunchy bits. Don’t get us wrong, we loved the cut cubes, they were chunky, held a ton of flavor and made for great mixing of over easy eggs. But we wanted something a little different. So we broke out our fry cutter and got to work.

hash taters-16x9

Why fries? You may be asking. Well, first they aren’t as much ‘fries’ as fry-shaped potato hash. The ‘fry’ shape allows a much higher surface area for more of that sweet maillard reacted browning giving them lots of nibbleable crunch. That size also gives them lots of nooks for hot sauce and bits of egg to settle into. Our new potatoes aren’t fried either; they’re baked which still allows for a puffy inside, rife with flavor. Seeing a trend? The little nuggets are everything we loved about the thin-hashed potatoes and the cubes, all drawn into one. They are still hand-cut locally grown potatoes with just a pinch of our special hash seasoning. We think it’s a better potato all around and know you’ll love our Hash just that little bit more.

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