Skillet Boxset – All of The Hits

Skillet Boxset – All of The Hits
  • December 17th, 2015
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We’ve been pretty big fans of Skillet since their early work. But we’re not just keen on the early stuff, so when we saw their box set – we knew it’d be rife for holiday gift giving – and selfishly because we wanted to take a few home with us. The packs are perfect for toting over to a holiday party with your cheese or meat plate too.

Inside the beautiful box are five handmade goodies right from Seattle. Of course, there is the famous Bacon Spread – the first and very likely the best bacon spread to exist; it’s smoky and meaty, and makes midnight BLTs a snap. Skillet’s Fennel & Black Pepper version is a bit of twist on the more famous version, but no less amazing – fantastic in clam chowder or for boosting flavor in your stroganoff. Then there are the pumpkin ketchups – Chipotle, Thai Coconut, and Brown Sugar & Apple Vinegar – that every tomato-based ketchup wishes it was. It’s sweet with the dippable consistency with a bit more body. They are great with fries, sure, but mix them into your Pad Thai or rib recipes and watch the world melt away into sweet delicious wonder.

Pick up your pack of Skillet’s wares before they’re all gone!

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