Beehive to Jar Honey – What’s all the buzz about?

Beehive to Jar Honey – What’s all the buzz about?

East Troy Honey. It’s so sweet you can’t help but love it. You can eat it with just about anything – toast, oatmeal, as part of a salad dressing or meat glaze and of course in your favorite drinks, like tea or a smoothie. It’ll add a sweet twist to whatever takes your fancy.

We carry 6 different varieties of East Troy Honey:

Raw Honey 22oz jar is $12.95

Buckwheat Honey 16oz jar is $9.50

Basswood Honey 16oz jar is $9.50

Creamed Lemon Honey 12oz jar is $12.95

Creamed Jalapeno Honey 12oz jar is $12.95

Creamed Raspberry Honey 12oz jar is $12.95

Those who follow a raw diet will be happy to see East Troy’s raw honey on the shelves, since it’s completely unprocessed from beehive to jar. We also carry their Buckwheat and Basswood varieties. Buckwheat is dark in color and has a dark, rich, molasses-like flavor, whereas Basswood looks light but has a strong, almost spicy finish.

The creamed varieties have been crystallized to create a more spreadable and creamy honey. Each one has a distinctive flavor added, so they’ll create a very unique twist to whatever dish you add them. The lemon honey would work great with just hot water as a simple tea. We also think it would be great as a glaze for grilled chicken. Raspberry honey would kick your salad dressing up a notch and Jalapeno honey? Well it’s such a unique flavor that it’ll make anything more interesting.

The owners of East Troy Honey only happened to get started in the bee keeping world when they moved to the countryside and tried to grow fruit trees which just wouldn’t yield anything. Eventually they heard about the lack of bees in their area and decided to set up a hive of their own to promote pollination. The bees did their job and low and behold, they had hundreds of peaches the following year. Now they have over 80 hives and produce lots of delicious honey, as well as offering their pollination services to farmers to help improve crop yields.

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