Our Featured Artist – Brian Golden

Our newest artist is a Chicago native who grew up drawing his favorite super heroes, like most kids. In his case, he never let go of the pencil, well metaphorically speaking because his move to digital art using a stylus and tablet as well as the brilliant colors of paint that now adorn our walls are proof. Brian Golden, a Graphic Designer and painter puts his history of character drawing to the canvas in this collection of famous faces in brilliant colors.

This is Brian’s first public viewing and we’re humbled to be selected as his first! He says his work is really about himself, about things that “make him tick: fairness, responsibility, and change.” We love the bright colors and people exhibited in the pieces, a big change over the cool steel from Riggo’s work. It’s always nice to have big sways of change in a room, and this new change is really catching our eyes – again.

Stop by, check our the art with lunch, and heck – why not shoot Brian an email and take one home with you (after it leaves our walls of course). If you missed Brian at his first Drink Up Art try and catch him the second time around.

  1. Loliya Memberr - March 4, 2013


    I wanted to find out how to contact Brian Goldne about purchasing one of his pieces.

    Loliya Memberr

  2. Brian - April 18, 2013


    Does Brian Golden have a website? Email address? How can one buy one of his pieces?

    • jake - April 19, 2013

      Hey Brian, a link to his website is in the post above. He can be connected with thusly. Thanks!


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