Quince & Apple’s Citrus – Spring Inducing Flavor

  • March 30th, 2013
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Quince Cirtrus

Well… they’ve done it again. With a simple word, like a spell cast over our drink, a whisper in the wind and a left hook of taste in a inconspicuous little bottle. Quince & Apple Citrus is ready and able to work its magic on your mixed drinks.

For uses, they suggest throwing some tequila at it for bight layers of citrus acidity, pairing perfectly in a ‘sunrise’ or poured in trio with some bubbly water. Dose some vodka and gin with Quince & Apple Citrus for a great party drink, pour over ice and you are ready to sit poolside. It’s not only a mixer: whip into frosting for a juicy cupcake topper, or glaze chicken to create an orangey-citrus wonder. No matter how you attack your bottle of Quince & Apple Citrus, it’s always a delight.

Pick up a bottle from our shelves today, and welcome spring with open arms (and tasty cocktails). Big fan of Quince & Apple? Want to give a shout out to Wisconsin made products? Leave a note below we want to hear from you.

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