Co-Op BBQ Sauces – Struck Rich

  • April 27th, 2013
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Coop BBQ

It seems like the team at Co-Op have a mine where they just have to reach in and pull out gold; they make it seem so effortless. It’s hard not to love everything they do, from their staple hot sauces to their rubs and more. Now they bring the same hand-made “do you have more in the back because I finished this bottle” flair to portley bottles of BBQ sauce. Between creating their own miso with their own koji, smoking all their peppers, and listing the farms they partner with – it’s hard to not see it’s a ton of work. The proof, to coin the phrase, is in the sauce. The Maple Miso is a tomato and maple syrup match made in heaven, and the dosing of miso creates depth unlike any other; use it as a soaking sauce or potent ketchup replacement. Co-Op’s Blackstrap on the other hand is dense with sweetness alongside brush strokes of that home-made miso – makes for flawless slathered ribs.

Get yourself some of Co-Op’s newest line up: great BBQ sauce. Get them now, on our shelves and eager to sweep you off your feet. Can’t get enough of Co-Op’s sauces and want to give them a holler? Want to name your favorite Co-Op hot sauce? Leave it below!

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