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  • May 16th, 2013
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We love Bloody Marys; so much so, we carry three very different Bloody Mary mixes from three very different makers. Here then, is each in a line up for easy comparison’s sake.

Bloody Mary Mixes

Starting from the left – Smoke Daddy, a local BBQ place brings a helping of their background in sauces to the mix. It’s a touch thicker than the other two, powerful with pepper and tomatoes. Great with meatier breakfast and lunch foods – always home with a side of bacon. Drink one down during a BBQ, or two the morning after a long night of BBQ. McClure’s take a note from their crazy-good pickles; lots of hot pepper and red pepper flakes coupled together with sweet/bright vinegary pickle flavor. We like this one paired with omelets, a stack of pancakes, or a breakfast sandwich. It matches everything we love about ‘bloodies’ with our unwavering love for pickles. Vintage Vine‘s locally packed and picked bloody mix is like drinking fresh squeezed tomatoes, tossed with vinegar and pepper. Heavenly with a salad on a summer afternoon, finger veggie sandwiches, or popped open for a picnic lunch in the park. Bloody Marys made with Vintage Vine mix are like drinking in the long days of warm vacation.

All are so different and so good – we had have the trio, because a Bloody Mary isn’t just a Bloody Mary, but a compliment to the end of long day or the start of one, the help define a time or mood in a way that only they can. Love bloody mix? Love these mixes? Leave a note below – we’d love to hear from you.

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