Co-Op Hot Sauce Don AKA Strawbanero – Spicy Sweetness

  • August 23rd, 2013
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We are about as healthy obsessed with Co-Op as you can be when it comes to that type of thing. We try to keep it packed on the shelf, but the people always want more; Co-Op makes some of the seriously most delicious hot sauce created by man.


So when they splashed down a bottle with what could be one of their finest bottle art, it was hard to ignore. A mustachioed caped strawberry headed man beckoned a dab on our finger immediately after opening the case. Right up front a quick dash of sweetness says hello and goodbye in the same breath as a wave of heat comes crashing down. A light waft of strawberry comes and goes between an ever-intensifying spicy fire. The sort of fire meets sweetness that makes you want another bite – to pull in more flavor and quelch the burn. The complement of Koval barrel aged cider vinegar and miso does a nice job of keeping it in balance. It’s a powerhouse of flavor and heat we can barely keep on our shelves (sold out 3 times), which means you should get your hands on this before they are all gone, they’re going quick and the fine folks at Co-Op Hot Sauce only make so many.

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