Spice House Sugars – Sweet Sensations

  • November 23rd, 2013
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We’re pretty long time lovers of The Spice House, hard to think of a time we didn’t love their spices – even on our trips/visits to Milwaukee wouldn’t be complete without a stop at their amazing shop. Recently we picked up a couple of their newest endeavors in the world of sweet: their sugars.

Spice House NEW Sweet Sugars

Between the hauntingly tasty maple sugar and the ‘just one more taste’ of the strawberry vanilla sugar – it’s a draw – a tasty, tasty draw. On vanilla ice cream, both shine in a sort of “oh my goodness” sort of way, like sprinkling crystallized heaven on a simple frozen treat. Top sugar cookies with either for a dash of interest. We tend to use the maple sugar to mix into things, to add a touch of that maple toastiness to just about anything: inside pancakes/waffles, barbeque sauces, rubs, or biscuits. The strawberry-vanilla sugar is great mixed into cupcakes or muffins, sure but we love the simplicity of dashing it on top of a frosted cake, whipped topping, or pretty much any cookie. Exploration is key with these confectionary wonders, pretty sure that is why we love Spice House so much. They just beg to be explored, finding new and interesting places to spice or add a new level of flavor to.

Pick up a shaker or both today off our shelves – find where you are missing a dash of sweetness, compliments of The Spice House. Love these sugars? Want to tell the world your favorite use of maple sugar? Let us know in the comments below!

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