BLiS Soy – A Sauce Worth Its Wait

BLiS Soy – A Sauce Worth Its Wait
  • December 29th, 2015
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BLiS has been a staple on our shelves for a few years – with their White Truffle Oil, Hot Sauce, and a couple others – and we’ve carried their Barrel Aged Soy Sauce for a spell and wanted to shine a bit of light on it’s magnifiecence.

First, it isn’t just barrel aged. It’s aged in bourbon barrels they aged their maple syrup in – that means the barrel went through the aging process with tasty neutral spirits where it imparted sweet, delicious bourbon flavor, then super-high quality maple syrup, and then this soy sauce for a year. It’s no ordinary soy sauce either; it’s non-gmo year-aged traditional stuff from Yamato who have over a hundred years experience crafting it. It’s the real thing; that much is for sure. The end to all this waiting, aging, and so on? A delicious soy sauce with layers of flavor – chocolate, vanilla, spices, oak and, of course, the rich soy umami.

Obviously, it’s not an “every day” soy sauce, but one that makes that special General Tso’s hit the higher notes, or for that perfect roll of sushi. Get your bottle of BLiS Soy sauce from our shelves today and get fancy.

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