The Things We Like – Staff Picks #1

The Things We Like – Staff Picks #1
  • September 2nd, 2015
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Our staff has a pretty keen eye for flavor and a daily interaction with the things on our shelf. We thought, who better than them to pick their favorite things on our shelf? Here is the first iteration of Southport Grocery and Cafe’s Staff Picks.

Our previous chef de cuisine, Kevin, is a big fan of sandwiches and Our Pickled Green Tomatoes: “They can be put on literally any sandwich. I stand by my pick.”

The marketing guy here at SGC – Jake – loves the mostarda: “Sweet kisses and spicy backbone— it’s a dream. Amazing on charcuterie boards, on top of juicy burgers or sausages.”

Megan, our long-time retail staff loves the magic of Terry’s Toffee: “It’s my connection to the Oscars! It’s so yummy.”

Tasting the food is just another job for Britt – our packaging wizard, she can’t get enough of our Cherry Chutney: “On burgers, quiche, biscuits; it’s a balanced combo of sweet-savory-tart that really shines with anything.”

Rhubarb Drink Starter-16x9Chef & Owner, Lisa, likes to mix it up with our house made Drink Starters: “The easiest way to bring fresh fruit flavor to cocktails, or brighten vinegars.”

Our resident New Yorker, line chef, and chatterbox Bill really like the Grits from Hazzard Free Farms: “Goes with whateva, baby. Breakfast, lunch, dinna, whateva.”

Tate’s Cookies is Will’s favorite: The best off-the-shelf cookies, by far.”

Melanie, our preservationist, knows good food and picked Underground Meat’s Summer Sausage: “It’s delicious, an actually good summer sausage. Pan fry, eat it as is, have at a picnic—eat with mustard or pickles!”

Quick cocktails are a staff favorite but McKenzie – our retail manager – pick Bittermilk first: “So easy; great for when people are over or don’t want to deal with making something during the week.”

Go seeking for tasty vittles on our shelves and find your favorites. Already have one of your own you want to share with the world? Leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear what your pick is.

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