Pancakes, Down Pat

Pancakes, Down Pat
  • March 13th, 2013
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Bread Pudding PancakeWe’re pretty big pancake people. Our menu features both our Cupcake Pancakes and Bread Pudding Pancakes. We tend to think of ourselves as some pretty big fans, and even minor experts on pancakes.

Need to heighten that plain pancake? How about some BLiS bourbon barrel aged maple syrup? Sure, it might be a bit robust for just any breakfast, but you can always cut it with some regular syrup (we carry Wisconsin made). The bourbon smokiness lends to a great dinner-version of pancakes and goes hand-in-hand with thick cut bacon. Or mix either plain or bourbon-ed versions with one of our many sweet preserves, to slather those flapjacks in. Or add a dash of Royal Rose’s simple syrup to the maple goodness for hints of spice or a brushstroke of floral lavender.

Stonewall Granola PancakeWhat if you want to make our pancakes at home? We can help with that too. Our Gluten-Free Cupcake Pancake mix and Bread Pudding Pancake mixes are always available on our shelves. For the BPPs at home – our cinnamon sugar butter awaits your home-made version, some melted vanilla ice cream is a simple at-home custard replacement too! How about those Cupcake Pancakes – grab a tub of the vanilla sugar butter (try not to eat it one seating) and some of your favorite syrup. Choose your own SPG pancake adventure. Or bring home some Stonewall Kitchen pancake mix, like their new granola pancakes – super simple, very tasty, and sprinkles of crunchy granola.

We’re always picking up new things, and adding to our flapjack repertoire – check here and our shelves to stay up to date. Love pancakes? Want to share a story about a stack of hotcakes? Leave us a comment below; we’d love to hear from ya.

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