2015 Father’s Day Gift Guide

2015 Father’s Day Gift Guide
  • June 17th, 2015
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Dads are pretty cool folks. They were there to tell us to ‘walk it off’, make fart jokes with, and have a tea party when we asked nice enough. He loves tasty food, be it meat, bacon, or a stiff drink. Let’s get dad something delicious this year! So in that spirit, we asked our resident dad to pick a handful of his favorite and break down why he’d want them for Father’s Day.

ramp mustard

Ramp Mustard

“Ramps are pretty great – like an onion and garlic had sweet babies and spread them across this great land of ours. It’s stuffed with a ton in the jar with mustard and made magic once again. It’s got Temperance’s Root Down – a delicious porter – in it too. What’s not to love? I like it on sausages, or sandwiches, or… well really a lot of stuff. Dads will love the Ramp Mustard.”


Spice Heist

Spice Heist is pretty great local company run by the nicest people – plus they make great spices. I’m keen on the BBQ rub because I’m – admittedly – a BBQ novice, so having something to dash on my ribs to make me look & taste pro is all the better.”


Gaslight Coffee Roasters

Gaslight is turn-key amazing coffee. They roast their beans to make it in anything – espresso, drip, aeropress, cold brew, whatever – and it tastes amazing. They are for sure a favorite around here. It’s nice to share with my wife or squander it all on myself when I buy a bag.”


Co-Op Hot Sauce

“Ubiquitous. If your father’s day gift doesn’t include Co-Op hot sauce – and your dad likes spice – you are doing it wrong. Some are quite hotter than others, so check the back with their little flame-o-meter to make sure it fits dad’s level of excitement for the fire.”


Hey Boo Caramel

“Personally, I love caramel. I’m lactose intolerant though, so I have been stuck without it for a very long time. Hey Boo‘s Coconut Caramel is everything I remember and more, it’s got a pinch of salt and is rich as all get out. Heat it up and drizzle on (vegan) ice cream or on pie right out of the oven. It’s a so good. My son loves it too.”


Bittermilk cocktail starters

“I like cocktails and treating myself to a drink, or my better half to one. There is real work required to do it up right usually. Bittermilk did all the heavy lifting for me and bottled it up. Whisky sour, old fashioned, all kinds of easy drinks with simple ratios await.”


Jake’s Giard

“I’m biased, sure. Jake’s Giard. My name is slapped across the front. I love the stuff though, nicely mild with a whole heap of (very important) crunch. It’s the best on pizza – frozen or otherwise – and great when making a spicy pasta salad. Great stuff.”

Sweetwood Jerky-16x9

Sweetwood Jerky

“What dad wouldn’t love fancy beef jerky for Father’s Day? A beer and some Sweetwood jerky. Maybe some quiet too, that’d be ideal.”

Get these all of these from our shelves just in time for Father’s Day. Want them all in a Father’s Day basket? Just let us know, or you can handpick your own gift basket, or let us put together one just for your dad by our basket pros. And to all Dads out there: Happy Father’s Day.

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